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Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Newport Jr. Knights Football Attendance Policy


Please make every effort to attend practices as missed practices will affect playing time and the overall success of the team.  In an effort to promote values of team and fairness to all who participate, the NJKF board has adopted this policy.  This will be in full effect the week prior to the first game.  However, missing practices in the first few weeks will affect your position on the team, as the coach’s use the first few weeks to set positions.

This attendance policy is not intended to penalize players, but rather to promote attendance.  We understand that player’s will deal with injuries, illnesses, schoolwork and a number of other activities.  However, if a child is dealing with an above situation and misses multiple practices, then they not likely ready to play in that week’s game.  If a player can be at practice, please send them.  If you are questioning whether or not they should be participating that day, please discuss it with a coach.  We will not penalize a player who makes the effort to attend and is sent home, and just having a player attend practice and hearing what the coaches are saying will benefit both the player and the team.

Should an extenuating circumstance arise, please let the coaches know at your earliest convenience that your child will not be at practice.


  • Miss 1 practice: Player sits out the first half of the game of that current week

  • Miss 2 practices in the same week: Player will sit out the entire game of that current                  week.

"Missed practices" include practices, games, walk-throughs, make-up games, rain-outs or rescheduled practices. Note: This does not apply to injured players that attend practices but have limited participation in practice due their injury or illness.  However, players that do not fully participate in practices due to injuries need to be 100% cleared for contact prior to being allowed to participate in practices and/or games. Players not participating in a game will be allowed and expected to wear their jersey and be on the sidelines during game.

Any player attending practice is expected to participate in all drills, conditioning and scrimmages unless limited by injury or illness. Players that select to not participate regularly in drills, conditioning or scrimmages may have that practice counted as an absence/missed practice.

PRESEASON PRACTICES: (First 3 weeks of practice)

1) Planned vacation prior to the Jamboree is excused IF coach has been notified prior to absence.

2) Up to 3 absences are allowed during the PRESEASON. A 4th absence during preseason will count as one missed absence for the first game.

3) Players must have at least 12 full practices (10 of which are contact) before participating in their first game (Jamboree may count as a practice at the discretion of the head coach).


This policy is intended to serve as a guideline and allows for coach discretion in working with a player and/or family. This policy will be the parameter for which all decisions and appeals adhere. The NJKF board reserves the right to alter the policy to best suit the interest of the league and/or its participants.